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Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for private lessons and group classes at Brookfield Ballroom.

Make your wedding beautiful and memorable!

(Testimonials below)


When it comes to your first dance as husband and wife, it's an important wedding detail. Give yourselves enough time to get comfortable with your dance. So many couples do the "prom hang" due to lack of preparation, so one of the best things you can do is PLAN AHEAD. Here are some ideas:



  • With private lessons, we customize your wedding dance and give you a polished look. Your first dance should be one that suits your style and keeps your audience in awe. Private lessons give more freedom to people that have time schedule constraints. Click here for rates.


  • Have a wedding song picked out? If you need help on choosing a song, we're here to help!


  • Father/daughter dance; many girls dream of dancing with their dad on their wedding day.


  • Surprise your audience with a mother/son dance.


  • Group instruction for your wedding party before the big day.


  • Group instruction at your wedding reception to get your guests out of their seats, onto the dance floor and having fun.


  • Gift certificates available.


Jules & Erik

Waukesha, WI

"Dear Cathy,


We can’t tell you how much we have enjoyed taking dance lessons from you. Group lessons are such a fun way to learn the basics of dancing. We have been able to use the steps that you have taught us in so many social occasions. Not to mention, the wonderful one-on-one dance lessons that prepared us for our First Dance and Father/Daughter dance at our wedding. We received so many compliments on our dancing! Preparing with you took away all the nerves and reservations we had about dancing on the Big Day. You are such a joy to be around and make learning any type of dance a wonderful experience. We are looking forward to many more lessons with you!"

Mark & Helen

Tuscon, AZ

"We wanted a show-stopping first dance, so we contacted Cathy to help us create a performance to impress our family and friends. I wanted elegance, Mark wanted high impact to wow the crowd. Cathy assisted in choosing the music, dance genres and steps. The day arrived as we stepped out for our first dance. As all eyes were on us, we were nervous but ready. Cathy had prepared us for the what ifs, getting off beat, etc., but all the training took over. We danced beautifully, and got many compliments that we didn't have the typical first dance, but had something truly spectacular.


Cathy has the ability to take the dance steps and simplify them for ease of learning. She has a positive, upbeat attitude that makes a student feel comfortable and the lessons fun, and we always looked forward to lessons with her. Cathy is a true dance professional and knows both lead and follow positions, and can choreograph a routine to fit your level of expertise and interest. She can take both simple and complex questions and breaks them down with demonstration and repetition that is easily understood. Thanks to Cathy for making us look so good."


Milwaukee, WI

"Taking Cathy's dance classes gave me the confidence to be comfortable in my role as the Father of the Bride at my daughter's wedding. Well worth the money and time."

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