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Group Class Calendar
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Group Classes

Group Classes give you the opportunity to dance with your partner and have fun while meeting other students. We focus on step patterns and techniques designed to build strong dance habits and improve skills such as lead and follow. In addition, any new material introduced during group classes can be reviewed and expanded upon during your private lessons.


See the various class locations, times and dates offered in our Group Class Schedule.

Private Lessons

We understand every student learns differently and also has specific goals in mind. This is why every one of your private lessons is customized to your needs. Every aspect, such as step patterns, styling and technique, are customized to match your goals and learning style. Most importantly, you learn at your own pace and have an instructor by your side the entire way. And private instruction can also be an important supplement to your group classes.

Check out our rates.

Small Group Classes

Like the idea of a group class format, but need more personalized attention? Or maybe have a group of friends that want to learn to dance and have a fun night out? We plan a dance program

well-suited for you! These classes focus on up to 4 couples, which gives everyone an increased learning curve and quicker build of confidence on the dance floor, which means more fun!


Put in a request for which dance/s you'd like to learn, and we'll get you started.

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