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Group Classes

Learn how to dance and increase your confidence on the floor!


Cost for Group Classes

$50/person 4-week group class

Group classes are one of the most popular and affordable ways to learn to dance. Whether you're just starting out, or a seasoned dancer, you'll find the right class for you. After a few lessons, you can use what you learned at social parties, dance clubs, weddings, and other venues.


What's unique about our dance classes? There's only one class on the floor at a time! Also, our courses provide the best learning opportunity for those seeking to improve their dancing consistently, because in addition to teaching steps, we explain technical principles such as posture, footwork, body/hip action, leading and following, musicality/timing. And, upon completion of one level, students will have a chance to move on to the next level, where they will be challenged in new ways.

JAN-MAY 2019
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Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for private lessons and group classes at Brookfield Ballroom.

January-May 2019 Group Class Schedule:
NOTE:  Complimentary catch-up classes available for those who can't make a night.


Learn this smooth and sexy version of the swing dance family!  West Coast Swing is very versatile, and can be danced to moderate tempo blues, R&B, country, and contemporary music.  In Session 1, we’ll get comfortable with the basics and lead/follow technique.  Session 2, we continue with building more patterns and technique, and bringing out more of WC Swing characteristics.

When:  Mondays, 6:30-7:20pm

Session 1:  Jan 7-28

Session 2:  Feb 11-Mar 11 (no class on 2/25)

Cost:  $100/couple per 4-week class; DISCOUNT if taking both 4-week West Coast Swing sessions; $190/couple total


Rumba is called "The Dance of Love".  Learn the basics of this romantic dance!  Each session we focus on new patterns and put together fun combinations for the social dance floor.  Get ready to dance the night away!


When:  Mondays, 7:30-8:20pm

Session 1:  Jan 7-28

Session 2:  Feb 11-Mar 11 (no class on 2/25)

Cost:  $100/couple per 4-week class; DISCOUNT if taking both 4-week Rumba sessions; $190/couple total


Learn this smooth & flowing dance!  Session 1, we start with basics along with an introduction to fundamental technique to accomplish smoothness.  Session 2, get more comfortable with basics and add more fluid patterns that move around the floor as well as styling.  A touch of Waltz elegance is all you need to take to the dance floor with your partner!

When:  Wednesdays, 6:30-7:20pm

Session 1:  Jan 16-Feb 6

Session 2:  Feb 13-Mar 13 (no class on 3/6)

Cost:  $100/couple per 4-week class; DISCOUNT if taking both Beginner Waltz sessions; $190/couple total


Get ready to take to the floor with this breathtaking style of Waltz, and my husband's favorite!  Session 1 is considered an INTRO to Silver Waltz, as we start with feeling the differences between Beginner/Bronze Waltz & Silver Waltz the first night; learn the core patterns needed to move around the dance floor, along with technique to carry with you throughout this dance.  Session 2, we branch out with adding more moves & working on transitions between those moves to make this dance the flowing dance it is... Beautiful!

When:  Wednesdays, 7:30-8:20pm

Session 1:  Jan 16-Feb 6

Session 2:  Feb 13-Mar 13 (no class on 3/6)

Cost:  $100/couple per 4-week class; DISCOUNT if taking both Silver Waltz sessions; $190/couple total


Learn Tango, one of the most passionate dances!  Whether you're new to this dance, have learned it before but want to refine it and feel more comfortable, or wish to add more awesome patterns, these are great classes for you.  Learn the characteristics and technique that set this dance apart from the rest, and figures you can dance in International and Argentine Tango as well.  It's a dance that has a lot of power to it, but yet is submissive.  NOW is the time to TANGO!


When:  Wednesdays, 7:30-8:20pm

TANGO BASICS, March 20-April 10

BEYOND BASICS, April 17-May 8

Cost:  Each 4-week class is $100/couple; DISCOUNT when registering for both 4-week Tango classes; $190/couple total


Dance with confidence!  Learn the best dances fit for those popular songs played at receptions.  This class is great for anyone attending; guests, family members, and even the bride & groom!


When:  Mondays, April 15-May 6 from 6:30-7:20pm

Cost:  $100/couple for 4-week class

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